The analysis of integrated marketing communication strategy of shoe net

The traditional

B2C model, a digital household appliances based on the analysis of too much, in 2008, the digital home appliance products, B2C is the hot point of the electronic commerce, but in 2009, due to the depth of economic crisis worse, foreign trade enterprises to the domestic shoe enterprises become the only way to survive, in the absence of channel under the condition, the largest domestic B2C shoes making shoes into shoes enterprises to digest inventory pressure, one of the best choice to solve the problem from the market, 2008 making shoes low-key financing 50 million, footwear B2C Legion began to rise rapidly, the main battlefield of the domestic B2C from the 3C product industry transfer to the clothing and footwear industry.

as one of the world’s largest shoe market B2C shoes: shoes Network (, its 2007 sales reached 7 million yuan. In 2009, plans to take net shoes reached 50 million yuan market scale, in the next 5 years, making shoes the goal is to build a large professional online shopping platform shoes a size of one billion B2C, the apparel e-commerce already has a mature development model. Play a more and more important role in the integrated marketing communication website development, but the system and integrity of integrated marketing communication, execution will affect not complete the development of the enterprise, with several elements of integrated marketing communication to do some analysis:

first, advertising. Because of making shoes marketing mode determines its properties in advertising, marketing network to expand the visibility with outdoor advertising to enhance corporate brand image to increase traffic to the site to attract customers to buy. As in the China shoes, clothing shoes and hats and so on Chinese network products and related Internet advertising, advertising can be said to have reached the target value of accurate delivery; but the advertising efforts are lacking, less than Eslite, winner and so many shoes, making shoes should be based on the advantages of media resources complementary, online and offline advertising together release, will effectively promote the awareness of making shoes.

second, promotional activities. It is very important for the promotion of making shoes, making shoes in this area to do a lot of special promotional and stormy night like to send a registered panic buying, 50 yuan or 100 yuan to buy the tickets, minus 10 yuan, 200 yuan to buy 20 yuan reduction activities, for temporary mall sales promotion play a huge role, but there are randomness and effectiveness in the promotion, has not formed the unique theme of promotional behavior, simply to make National Day special promotion, the way of promotion is not conducive to the formation of customer loyalty and habitual consumption; we should strengthen the coordination of holiday to make out the corresponding theme promotion would give play to the promotion behavior the extreme, to attract customers formed the habit of consumption, such as father’s day, mother’s Day special promotion special promotions, students of special promotions for father’s day, so that customers formed the habit of consumption and achieve the promotion and customer stability The purpose of loyalty.

third, DM magazine. Shoe shoes network is currently in the DM is not enough to do, in the field of B2C equally successful red children will be >

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