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Admin5 webmaster network reported that the famous luxury brands, said online merchandise 80% for fakes, luxury online shopping market once again aroused concern. An international criminal gang recently destroyed the French police in Paris, but the big luxury Hermes (Hermè s) in China into a real fake storm. The gang specializing in manufacturing counterfeit hermes bags for profit, in this regard, Hermes CEO Patrick · Thomas bluntly said in an interview with foreign media: "80% sell to Hermes in the name of the goods on Internet are fake, this is definitely a shame."

and look at the emergence of the domestic luxury e-commerce sites, not by people suspected of luxury on the site is genuine. Engaged in the field of industry experts pointed out that: 99% of the country’s luxury e-commerce site products are not authorized by the brand, so the supply may be problematic."

secret: Internet shopping fraud Hermes 80% counterfeit products

suppose, when consumers buy online a few million Hermes bag, the bag made, and to provide invoices and other documents, but the real price is only 1/10 of the purchase price, the package manufacturer is not Hermes, but a factory in Guangdong. But the scene is not fiction, but the fact that it often happens.

days ago, Hermes CEO Patrick · Thomas in an interview with the media said, "the network purchasing 80% of Hermes are counterfeit products." According to the investigation, in the process of the identification of genuine Hermes bag, there is a big loophole. This vulnerability is becoming a hotbed of gray and black transactions. The use of consumer misunderstanding and trust, a fake hermes bag, you can even bring more than one hundred thousand of the profits for traders.

this is probably the secret of Hermes fraud. With the outbreak of the domestic luxury market, the profits of this fraud chain also began to emerge. At least you can earn several times, and even some overseas purchasing website, a bag of profits can be more than one hundred thousand yuan." A trader said Hermes imitation goods. In the interests of the chain, mainly in the form of traders and purchasing websites or retailers in the form of three parties. Traders through the downstream plant, the manufacture of high imitation package, and purchasing sites and retailers to obtain huge profits through sales.

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secret: Internet shopping fraud Hermes 80% counterfeit products

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In a statement,

said the Hermes headquarters in France, the French national gendarmerie recently uncovered a tightly organized international criminal gang, the gang has a variety of counterfeit Hermes bag in several underground factories, and illegally shipped to Europe, the United States and Asia.

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