Look at the expansion of e commerce operations change

now the domestic online shopping mall is more and more, people’s shopping habits are also changing, it is undeniable that this is the performance of social progress. The Internet is virtual, the Internet can be linked with the daily life of human beings is very convenient, on the current several well-known e-commerce operators, can be divided into the following:

1, the Jingdong as the representative of the electronic products business website, better reputation, now do more products, the gradual emergence of business diversification;

2, Taobao as the representative of the C2C electronic commerce website, individual businesses and enterprises with the sale, fake fake goods are cheap, low credibility;

3, Dangdang led by the book e-commerce site, the first to sell books based, and now the development of diversification, external businesses too much, proprietary products less;

4, where the customer for new clothing website, all the independent brand, with the exchange rate is relatively high, but the brand with good reputation.

from the above each electronic commerce website actually have the advantages and problems of its own, but there is a very important question is: why should we buy something on the web? Why should we believe they can provide true and useful products for our


many consumers have a try in the first psychology in the purchase of online shopping, it will buy success once successfully for him after the online shopping have a very big impact, if online shopping failed so he may reduce the number of online shopping. In this process, our concern is the business reputation, reputation, influence, scale and service the entire formation of the shopping experience, and in this process, we are concerned with the factors of the website, but if a large number of store references outside the business, some of the distribution and customer service service share out, how do we go to establish more business trust, it is clear that this is certainly not possible, if I’m going to buy Dangdang things and found this thing is not to Dangdang distribution, to customer service service, which is to promote the sale of Dangdang to the people, so that I will not buy. So it is for e-commerce website development brings problems, and may affect the future development of e-commerce, how to solve the problem if you need to find a multi An acceptable and reliable solution, or an extension like this can easily lead to problems.

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