Factors affecting the number of WeChat public rankings and ranking solutions


WeChat launched a public number search ranking rules has been well received by everyone’s attention, but the Tencent has also not given official ranking rules for reference, then the influence factors of the public, WeChat ranked in the end what? According to my years of WeChat public operations experience, we have summarized the following ranking factors and the corresponding solutions.

a, WeChat public number (25%)

WeChat public name is equivalent to the title of the site, so that the impact on the public number search ranking is still relatively large.

WeChat public number named:

1, the name as much as possible contains keywords, and the more the better.

2, the name of the shorter the better, do not recommend the full name of the company, with the brand or service related words can be.

3, the title meaning for users to search the better value. For example, we search the association, the word, the first is the association after sale, indicating that more people want to know the association of after-sales service information.

two, function introduction (0)

is equivalent to the site of description, although the WeChat search did not affect the ranking, but also display function is introduced to the search results page with, can directly affect the user’s choice, so have a good function is crucial. The best way is to repeat the appropriate keywords, but do not stack keywords, do the best natural sentence, with about 40 words.

three, WeChat certification (10%)

certified public numbers are generally higher than the number of non certified, but also with the certification of the main body of information related to the general visibility of the relatively high degree of recognition of the main ranking. Recommend the best business certification, do not care about the cost of 300 yuan a year, and the number of public certification for the user to choose to have a sense of security.

four, regional factors (10%)

when we search for a word, often the local public number ranking more forward, this is because WeChat has been positioning the user. If the enterprise is only for local users, it is recommended in the name, function description, content to describe some local information. For example, your business is doing computer maintenance, you can call the Tianjin computer repair.

five, push content (25%)

WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong

in some time ago as we explain in detail the development trend of the future of WeChat, the "valuable service" is often mentioned, Tencent hope WeChat public number can provide more valuable services. So we pay attention to in the push information above, multi push some users love the information, and the number of public information relevant to the theme, in principle is what the user needs, love what, we provide what you love, don’t send something to send users like information, after all, WeChat the public.

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