2 from the nternet to the countryside whitewashing to 460 billion yuan market shop

review: from looking for customers to change the life, the Internet to version 2 will be a kind of "New Village Movement"


go to the country, not only with nostalgia, and express and the balance of treasure. In 2015, the "Internet plus" boom, "reshaping village" not only the young artists of nostalgia. Electricity supplier giants opened the shop in the village, one by one to go to the township of the town of service stations, has become a big business related to the future". Standing on the "three rural" on the edge of the entrepreneurs who get the favor of capital, dynamic, they bring resources and new ideas to the countryside. From looking for customers to change their lives, the 2 version of the Internet to the countryside will set off a new rural movement?

from "whitewashing" to "shop"

2009, affected by the financial crisis, revenue and profit growth slowed IT circle set off the first wave of the Internet to the countryside.

that year, Lenovo computer to the countryside marketing also depends on "big horn"; NetEase CEO Ding Lei invested tens of millions of yuan to build farms, and to establish "pig network"; Baidu helps a serious backlog of Hubei Zigui County orange open market, has become a classic case; haven’t become ray Buss Lei predicted that new some netizens from six level and seven level city, even the country. A single business Internet Co eager to find a new growth point in the face of adversity, the popularity of the Internet to promote information technology in rural areas, so that more farmers know that connected to the outside world, in addition to the highway and the internet.

wave continues to this day, at the end of last year and set off a wave of new climax.

major electricity from the collective "whitewashing", to the collective "shop", the true interpretation of what is called Chinese type O2O (Online To Offline, Online to Offline).

Jingdong in 2014 March, the national 145 city with more than 8000 brush wall advertising, and the channel sink as of 2015 a key development areas, in addition to this year to open 1000 "Jingdong to help" service shop, the flow of propaganda vehicles, rural purchasing, App promotion to the countryside.

"to live well, and quickly on Taobao’s advertising is just a prelude. The rural electricity supplier since 2009 showing the outbreak trend to 2013, only in the Taobao and Tmall platform, from the county issued a package reached 1 billion 400 million, taobao.com and Tmall registered in the shop more than 200 million rural. Now, Alipay’s product manager also embarked on the road of "going to the countryside", to compete for the "80", "90" to the main user, who contribute to the new rural balance treasure users share of 75%.

fled North Canton is no longer just impulsive

country is not just the "nouveau riche" in the battlefield. A year ago the unknown "village music", the business scope has covered 80% of the country. From the countryside with the most Internet thinking

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