nvestors favor where to pay attention to the revenue growth rate of non net profit

lead: where the network will be the ultimate effect of growth, increasing competition in the online travel industry.


for Chinese tourism website investors, the current concern is their revenue growth, rather than net profit.

Bloomberg statistics show that the current average market analysts expect to be able to achieve profitability in 2017 where the network (NASDAQ: QUNR), this year’s revenue growth will reach 71%. This increase will be Ctrip (NASDAQ: CTRP) revenue growth is expected to more than two times. As China’s largest tourist sites, Ctrip at least from 2003 has begun to achieve profitability.

in Hongkong, CIMB bank analyst Eric · (Eric Chen); Chen said that the rapid growth of leisure industry investors Chinese adopted a completely different strategy. Ctrip’s traditional travel agency practices, that is, by booking a commission, to provide service to go behind the network where.

statistical data compiled by Bloomberg show, Oppenheimer Fund (OppenheimerFunds) in the fourth quarter of last year, Ctrip stock sell at the same time, the fund will also continue to increase to the network where the stock, and became the first major shareholders. Where the current market price of the network is 14 times, much higher than Ctrip’s.

Eric ·, Chen said, for technology stocks, the growth problem is more important than performance." Through the "perfect combination" driven culture and a large number of line sales team, where the network makes a distinction between itself and other tourism sites, and management of the company to develop a clear growth strategy, and get good execution."

revenue growth of

in 2014 after the stock rose 7.2%, to close at the end of February 20th, where the stock price in this year’s cumulative increase of up to. The company’s shares fell $0.40, or 1.39%, to close at $28.42 on Monday. Over the past 52 weeks, where the lowest net price of $21, the highest price of $36.73. According to Monday’s closing price, where the market value of $3 billion 300 million.

where to go through the network has been increasing sales and marketing expenses, the introduction of more of the small entity travel agencies to the company’s search platform to attract more price sensitive travelers. Where network chief strategy officer Zhao Yilu said the company’s four quarter revenue growth last year, more than one hundred percent. Zhao Yilu pointed out that where the network revenue growth, thanks to the rapid improvement of the company’s market share of all categories of business, including the air ticket booking, hotel reservations and travel packages."

where the network executives held in December last year, Choi

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