The rise of the domestic network platform to share skills everyone can be a teacher


skill sharing is considered a supplement to professional training, and the magic course is one of the most popular courses. Figure /CFP

over the past two years, the new pattern of endless network training, from the network open class hot to the rise of mobile learning, all the people to bring more self charging way. Recently, there are a number of newly established network platform began to focus on skills sharing and trading between ordinary people. With this new model, "teacher" and "student" is no longer quite distinct from each other, each person can also do when the teacher, students, and share content from business management to financial analysis, from the magic to sign, from PPT writing to tourism security issues such as this is not the only one.


night owl class transformation "morning people"

"do you every night, will and computer mobile phone and their struggle for a long time, can wash sleep, finally found, it was late? If you are struggling every morning in bed for a long time, a few alarm clock, also of no avail? If you are determined to improve their lives state, to start from early then join ‘early’, do the early bird!" era wrote in his introduction in this.

era is the first officially commenced on the ninth classroom teacher, his identity is the time management training, procrastination consultant, he opened the course named "early – a morning person", price 29.9 yuan, in June 10th will be in the office of SOHO, a third class. "The first class to the 14 people, but not quite right. Some people are interested in the skills of the transaction model to the field experience, some professional trainers to see how amateur training. The second class came to 9 people, including 2 students, as well as engaged in the service sector, government agencies, IT Internet industry in the workplace, they are clearly headed straight to the theme, have their own problems and needs".

is an entirely new attempt for the students of the era and the participation. This era, and he did before the enterprise training is very different, "to do business before the training, the trainer usually has a preliminary research on the needs of enterprises, understand their industry, facing the crowd, the nature of the work and so on, the latter will have corresponding scoring and feedback mechanism, in the face of personal training it is difficult to do this."

before the start of the course, I will introduce myself to the students. Students will introduce what are the problems of their present situation, and want to do what to change, why do you want to go to bed early. I was more personal experience sharing, such as why I change from night owl for a morning person now, after the early for the day of my life which I have vital effects, which methods and skills of small rise early, sleep, bedtime for." Epoch theory. The course is also more flexible

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