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forward technology December 7th hearing, the rise of WeChat’s public platform makes Web finally have a higher platform and APP, the competition between the two has gradually deepened. Recently, for you to read the poem, the owner of App was read for you, WeChat public number owner sued, the former was sentenced to infringement, the need to immediately stop the use of the relevant names and claims 200 thousand yuan.


it is reported that, for you to read the poem, WeChat public number is still off the circle (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established in June 1, 2013, the main content is to push a series of readings and recite poetry readings. The top philanthropist (Beijing) music creative Ltd. launched in September 2014 as you read poetry App, the main function for the poetries, recording, dubbing, upload and share and listen to the poetry works, in June 23rd of this year, top philanthropist (Beijing) music creative Limited name change for you to read the poem. Still guest circle (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. on the grounds of unfair competition, will read the poem for your company to court.


the court held that the two products overlap in function and content, constitute a competitive relationship, "as you read the poem" WeChat public concern number has reached 1 million 300 thousand, the average daily reading and on demand over 100 thousand, "as you read poetry before App launched has a certain well-known degree, a well-known commodity," read the poem "you have a specific name of a famous commodity, so the defendant’s behavior had constituted the normal competition. Ultimately, the court ruled that the defendant as you read poetry (Beijing) science and technology limited company to immediately stop in the name of the software, WeChat mobile phone the public number name and the name of the enterprise in the use of "as you read poetry"; the plaintiff’s sumcl circle (Beijing) culture communication Co., loss of RMB 200 thousand yuan.

The rise of the mobile Internet

logo is the rapid development of App industry, and WeChat Web public number App concept in recent years is beginning to flourish, with content and convenience, with the WeChat platform, no need to install the public more convenient, social attributes plus WeChat, also has inherent advantages in the promotion that was the imitation of competitors are not uncommon.

In this

WeChat and App public confrontation, WeChat public status has been quite clearly recognized, although different platforms, but this name is bad infringement is still banned.

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