Jack Ma and are both fantastic doers

the two week, the industry’s striking "event", is the Alibaba listed! Ma Yun Chushoubufan, just out of the group of B2B business, market suddenly rushed to a couple of billion dollars, not only became the port city of this year’s most lucrative "new king", and boarded the domestic network world largest market capitalization companies new position, I think this is not just Ma Yun herself, is an exciting thing to colleagues, although the managers of listed companies is not too much for the price rise or fall, but the capital market is hot and cold, in the final analysis will affect our heart.

China’s Internet is a lot of imitation of foreign models, only Alibaba is original, and has maintained a strong vitality. I remember two years ago, there are a lot of people in the speculation, the Alibaba listed Internet companies will create China miracle, I met Ma also often talked about this problem, but every time he said so, I just want to do the business.

in a way, Ma Yun and I are the same, are idealistic doers, Ma Yun of the Alibaba in Chinese is the Internet blue ocean, when many sites and content, he thought of the B2B platform, at the same time, Ma Yun is a doer, Alibaba from the establishment to the present, through the middle the Internet trough, B2B trust questioned, but he never gave up, still firmly step by step to today. Alibaba that Ma Yun in the B2B field of vision, we also have reason to believe that this is directly linked with business business model in Japan after the Alibaba to bring greater development space.

Ma Yun and I are students with a class of the school, we had a class together, went to Hongkong met with Mr. Li Jiacheng, and Mr. Li people know the development of Alibaba and the focus of the two enterprises, no matter what the occasion, Ma Yun’s passion and personality, always attracted widespread attention and in the course of us in Hongkong, the teacher talked about half, everyone does not feel satisfied, finally let Ma Yun up to tell you what is YAHOO’s acquisition of the Alibaba, or Alibaba bought Yahoo China


an innovative network of enterprises, there is such a passionate, but with high efficiency of the executive leader, in itself is a huge wealth!

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