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station network (www.admin5.com) news August 2nd, Jointown before the date of announcement said: Jingdong has been held good pharmacists equity all transferred to Kyushu, Jingdong no longer holds good pharmacists’ equity. Although the two sides said that in the future will continue to work together, but this year two years ago for the industry’s promising pharmaceutical B2C e-commerce model eventually fall.

November 2003, Kyushu through the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of good pharmacists. Subsequently, with the industry began to set up a number of online pharmacies, pharmacists have also set up a good independent domain name pharmacist online pharmacies, which is the predecessor of a good pharmacist network. Prior to cooperation with Jingdong, a major shareholder of a good network of Kyushu Kyushu, a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., its holdings of Beijing good medicine normal pharmacy chain Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Beijing good pharmacist"). In order to set up an online pharmacy, Beijing good pharmacist trained a number of system maintenance personnel and electricity supplier professionals. However, at the time with many of the same industry, the lack of an independent website and adequate flow of online promotion platform, the results are not satisfactory, has been a loss of state.

this "electricity and manufacturers love" began in July 2011, Kyushu Pharmaceutical Group and e-commerce giant Jingdong mall to carry out strategic cooperation, work together to create a good pharmacist network Jingdong ", through the Internet e-commerce to sell drugs and health products. The beginning of the cooperation, Jointown and Jingdong have a clear business do not conflict with commitment, Jointown agreed to no longer be in its own name or other B2C "Internet drug business license", the Jingdong also promised to ensure that no business and the agreed product "in the Jingdong mall website or other e-commerce sites on its own the name of the B2C or other business.

from the line to break up, Kyushu cooperation with Jingdong only lasted more than two years. Go to this step, in the industry view, both sides is a relief".

, the outside world has been rumored that the two sides broke up because the two sides compete for control, but in fact, because of competition in the industry." One insider, before cooperation, Jointown had set up an e-commerce platform, namely good pharmacist online pharmacy, the Jingdong has been in its own platform sales of pharmaceutical products and medical devices and other health products without qualification restrictions. When the two sides agreed that the joint venture, the Jingdong will be transferred to the full range of proprietary drug business good pharmacist online, but has not been able to cash. Today, after the break, the two sides will use their own resources, continue to cooperate in the field of pharmaceutical electricity supplier. Recently, Jingdong to build their own medical e-commerce platform Jingdong pharmaceutical city will also be on the line."

and Jingdong will continue to maintain friendly relations of cooperation, will also consider other qualified electricity providers to cooperate with, even when the time is ripe to consider the independent development platform. However, we are now not convenient to disclose specific and what are the electricity supplier to further cooperation." This is the vice chairman of Kyushu Liu Zhaonian in an interview with reporters in Nandu, said. About Jingdong

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