Music as a result of the resumption of trading rose 4% hit China hit

news today, LETV (300104.SZ) shares resume trading today opening date, as of press time, the highest increase of over 8%, then fell slightly, LETV shares rose to 37.55 yuan, or 4.89%.

and Chinese rongchuang opened this morning, opened down 8.8% at HK $6.65, before the turnover of 2 million 560 thousand shares, turnover of HK $17 million 50 thousand, a decrease of 6.17% Chinese current financial record. Music, as the Hong Kong listed cool today opened sharply higher, as of press time, at HK $0.94, up 9.3%.

LETV announcement shows that the transaction is divided into LETV transfer holdings chairman Jia Yueting LETV shares (involving 6 billion 41 million yuan), as the new introduction of strategic investors (through the transfer of the old shares and capital increase, involving an amount of 7 billion 950 million yuan), the transfer of the music as the music as holding pictures of equity (involving an amount of 1 billion 50 million yuan) three parts. By 15 billion yuan of investment, financial record Chinese LETV will transfer 8.61% stake, film music as 15% equity and 33.5% equity as the cause of new music.

January 15th, China LETV and SUNAC held a joint press conference, the process of financial innovation Chinese investment LETV, and investment of 2 letv. At the press conference, LETV holdings chairman Jia Yueting said that the financial record 15 billion yuan investment strategy Chinese will solve LETV non disposable funds short board plate of the vehicle, and the car LETV A round of financing will soon start.

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