Web site operators should pay attention to the 16 maxims

1, you can’t satisfy all users.

2, if a stupid method works, it’s not a stupid way.

3, don’t forget that your product is developed by the youngest programmer in the shortest possible time.

4, if a product idea, only your family to do so, it must be the wrong direction.

5, without any product development, operational plans can continue to be implemented smoothly in practice.

6, all bottlenecks that are expected to arrive in 5 months are always met within the next 3 months.

7, the important things are always simple.

8, simple things are always hard.

9, in general, you have nothing but time.

10, the will of key users should be given priority. (not necessarily the majority)

11, when the user is free for you to produce content, do not forget, but also the production of garbage and risk.

12, requires two people to help each other to complete the task, usually will not be completed on time.

13, money, equipment, talent is always in your most need, can not find.

14, you may have any functional products to increase the competitiveness of products, but the damage to what all don’t do it.

15, the only worse than competitors is the internal development, operators of the false ideas.

16, the behavior of normal users can be predicted, but the Internet is filled with a variety of players.

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