Stationmaster net broadcast Phoenix Sina 8 Alipay fry vulgar content checked overdraft consumption

1 Network letter office: Phoenix, Sina, Tencent and other 8 sites hype vulgar content has been investigated  

reporter yesterday from the national network information office was informed that the state Internet information office to 8 websites recently deliberately cornrows, vulgar content and speculation.

according to the National Network Information Office of the person in charge, according to a recent online pornographic content rise, part of the news website, business portal vulgar office network problems rebound situation, the national network information office has been deployed on the Internet to carry out a comprehensive investigation of problems. According to reports from the public and repeatedly confirmed the verification "podcast" channel, "entertainment" and "entertainment Gallery" column, 17173 "818 Games" channel, cool 6 network "theme" column, PPTV entertainment channel, "sexy image" column published a lot of vulgar video etc. the picture editors recommend, deliberately vulgar labels, malicious speculation attract eyeball, bad influence. Iqiyi network, also exist certain problems.

2 sued by the United States firms accused of publishing false information  

December 16th morning, announced that the United States Milberg LLP LLP, will represent the May 16, 2014 to November 19th to buy stock investors have launched a class action lawsuit against the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, alleging that and its specific executives violated the federal securities law, issued false and misleading statements to investors.

specifically includes:

1 turned in sales from the third party platform to adjust the revenue model in the process of direct selling businesses failed to disclose;

The transformation of

2 model there is a huge risk for existing profit model;

To expand in the market share of the third party platform that

3 not as promised.

sum up, which led to’s stock price decline and the damage to the interests of investors.

3 Google in the mainland can be a short period of smooth login state Global Times: I believe will eventually come back  

15 after noon, it was found that the mainland can successfully log on Google website, after they posted on the Internet, the news quickly spread. As can be seen, users are still quite happy, some people speculated that the government has reached a certain agreement with Google. But in the evening, Google access the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum are locked, and some people pass the afternoon, "release" is because GFW (China firewall) routine upgrade, Google returned to the China market there is a long way to go.

what is going on, the official did not respond. Yesterday afternoon, a few hours of the situation may not be meaningful, we think, Google and other U.S. Internet giants may not always be in the Chinese market >

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