E commerce to promote the development of the bag industry Web site qualification becomes the key

rapid development of e-commerce industry rapid growth

The application of e-commerce development of small and medium-sized enterprises third annual

conference held in Hangzhou last year, issued the "Chinese B2B industry site survey report", "Chinese SME e-commerce application investigation report", can be seen from the report, in recent years, the rapid development of electronic commerce Chinese, rapid convergence and traditional industry. In particular, the eastern coastal areas of the country gathered most of the industry Web site, forming a number of characteristics of industrial clusters. Each of the traditional industry clusters have a certain number of e-commerce sites have made certain achievements. Especially the bags field, on the basis of coastal manufacturing, there are many websites to rise rapidly, as in the packet network (http://s.www.jinbaowang.cn) has grown rapidly in recent years, become a bright spot in the luggage industry e-commerce.

bags industry website as online shoe size so that the development of so early, but the growth rate is obvious to people in recent years. In particular, Taobao b2C platform, such as sales of bags driven, more independent shop and a large number of professional bags website emerged. Domestic luggage sales reached 40 billion yuan in 2009 consumption, of which online sales accounted for $1 billion 500 million, the role of the online platform is obvious, the development of space is also great. From the development of the bag into the network can be seen, the luggage industry platform mainly rely on the advantages of the traditional bag industry gathering resources, providing wholesale bags, Shop consignment, single custom service. In addition to playing the role of online sales platform bags, bags for other more web site provides resources to provide channels for the purchase to enter the luggage industry entrepreneurs to provide personalized custom services for individual users and business users, help more luggage enterprises do network marketing, service and quality to promote the brand, to make up for their lack of resources and the word of mouth. We can say the future of the luggage industry e-commerce development prospects are very broad, with traditional industries more integration with the Internet platform further, there will be more similar to the online sales platform to supply bags talent shows itself into the packet network.

supply and online agent website qualification is particularly important

the future of the Internet is the core of e-commerce, e-commerce and the core lies in the emergence of more entrepreneurs and the birth of innovation. At present, there is no lack of innovation in the luggage industry, the lack of guidance and help for entrepreneurs. Although the current development of bags online platform is good, but there are still a large number of Web sites, serious homogenization of serious competition, reputation and lack of quality issues. Especially the reputation and qualifications to determine the cause of a lot of entrepreneurs "wrong", did not get better development opportunities. For the supply of goods and luggage shop agent, the site becomes particularly important qualification.

into the bag net name Baoding Baigou Si Sha Jiao Agel Ecommerce Ltd, after years of development, has now become a medium-sized company has more than and 20 entrepreneurial team. At present, the company registered capital of 200 thousand, with the customer service department, sales department, the Ministry of vision, >

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