WeChat old clothes for the re start lazy recovery mode of concern

through the regeneration of the adjacent WeChat platform appointment, someone came to collect waste. Jiang Diwen photo

recently, 90 Li Bowen: while not idle and buddy shuttle in some communities in Changning, the home of old clothes, side to seize the WeChat platform upgrade.

Li Bowen is old clothes for the public account, if the neighbor regeneration, founder. More than a year ago, he aimed at recycling the old clothes online home service, but because of various problems forced aground. A year later, if the neighbor regeneration restart in Changning and Pudong and other regions to start a pilot, just two weeks cumulative orders more than 1000.

"lazy" recovery mode popular

through the WeChat platform appointment, stay at home, someone home delivery, but also for the quantity of washing powder, towels and other supplies. By the end of 2013, Li Bowen just graduated from the University of entrepreneurship, aimed at "scrap + Mobile Internet" to create a "lazy" recovery mode, old clothes for the first 4 days will start, recycling 2 tons of clothing. At that time, if the neighbor regeneration, for the recovery of the old clothes do not have too many requirements, season, style, new and old are not limited, the only requirement is clean. Platform on-line second weeks, if the neighbor regeneration WeChat public number will break through the 10 thousand.

With the sharp rise in the volume of orders, the original form of the weekend can not fully meet the user

. At the same time, the ability of the team too, logistics can not keep up. Due to the cost pressure is too large, the loss can not make up for the final project shelved.

in spite of this, Li Bowen never thought of giving up. To his great encouragement, entrepreneurial projects get a lot of help. At present, if the neighbor seven regeneration of the entrepreneurial team, not only to get a space of 200 thousand yuan Su River Huizhong seed fund investment, but also free of charge from the desk, and rental site urgent solution.

consider integrating existing community recycling staff

Li Bowen and the team at stall recovery of clothing, and the questionnaire to the community residents, to understand the needs of users. These practices have been strongly supported Huayang street.

in the course of the investigation, Li Bowen found that young people are more welcome appointment + change material recovery, not entangled in subtle differences. He clarified the future direction: active service, meet the user’s needs; the lazy "assured service, the implementation of differentiated recovery mode. He hopes to be able to do: at ease, rest assured, see.

re start, if the regeneration of the neighbors to focus on the experience. At present, WeChat public number has 20 thousand fans, but the user feedback experience inconvenient, must change." Li Bowen said, to break the bottleneck of logistics is still a pressing matter of the moment and part-time staff, "might consider the community recycling workers’ incorporation in the future."".

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Gan do waste collection of little boy

Internet, entrepreneurship, 90, WeChat, environmental protection…… Although these "hot words" apply to "adjacent regeneration"

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