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blog has become a popular online media to help people achieve timely communication. In the United States, five percent of the population is blogging, and about twenty percent of them are blogging. According to the United States, the largest blog search engine Technorati statistics, every day there are one million and two hundred thousand useful blog article was born, that is, there are fifty thousand per hour. In American English, there has been a new combination of blogsphere (blog). This is enough to explain the popularity of the blog and great influence.

‘s sensitive marketers have seen the huge business impact of blogging. According to statistics, 2/3 of Americans are affected by the economic activities of public opinion, and among them, the impact of the comments on the Internet than the impact of the United States by television, radio advertising more than 16%. As early as May 2005, the U.S. "business week" published a cover article "the blog will change your business". The theme of the article is "your customers and competitors are going to use the blog!" our sincere advice is to catch up with it ". High-tech enterprises, such as Microsoft, SUN, Shang Qi, traditional manufacturing enterprises through the use of cars, Boeing aircraft are using blog.

in the United States, the blog article not only consumers in reading, but more importantly, the news media in reading. For consumers, the blog gives them a direct way to contact the business management or customer service executives, who are trying to explore the news from the blog article, draw inspiration. They are the first contact with the commercial brand and the charm of the commodity and the right to speak. From this point of view, the blog is for the media, and through them to build your brand.

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