360 search is about to launch a good search brand has issued a notice to partners

Techsir January 5th news loan founder Li Mingshun in the circle of friends drying out a 360 company president Qi Xiangdong issued to the partner’s mail screenshot, screenshot shows the 360 companies will be on-line "search" brand in January 6th, and made a breakthrough in the mobile search.

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Prior to

, haosou.com/.com.cn/cn domain name has been all in the Qihoo name, haoso.com has also been protected, haosou.com has completed the filing work, not surprisingly, in January 6th, which is tomorrow will uncover the true face of Mount Lu.

the following is the full text of the message:

good search, mission will reach

360 all the students:

tomorrow, January 6, 2015, you are about to witness another important moment in the history of 360. 360 search will be officially launched an independent brand – good search (haosou.com), the original domain name (so.com) can continue to use.

(Hao, three), is the good people doing good; search (sou, 1), was a search in the end.

many colleagues ask: 360 search for the two years of the development of the good, why should launch a good search "independent brand? Yes, 360 search market share climbed, commercialization strides to promote the search experience and the competition has no difference, innovative work can continue to launch, has accumulated a good user reputation and customer satisfaction.

this time we launched an independent search brand — good search, because after two years of effort, our search experience both in accuracy and richness, or on the security, has been rapid improvement. We in the search experience is not less than competitors, in some ways even stronger than the competition, in this case, our only weakness is the brand. Prior to the 360 search in strict sense is a business name, rather than the brand name.

360 after years of development, has firmly occupied the status of China’s first brand of safety, the brand is a profound brand can not be shaken. And our search business can not just stay at the current level, the future there are more vast ocean waiting for us to conquer, which will inevitably require a more independent brand image and personality. We launched an independent brand good search, intended to search for the first goal of China full speed ahead. So, strictly speaking, "search" was born, is not a brand name, this is like raising a child, when a small home, first played a friendly xiaominger free call, now the child has grown up, to the wider world and travel around the world, there is a need for a formal the name, the words are smooth.

is our goal, we continue to expand the search results in the PC market, and.

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