WeChat era can replace the short micro blog marketing

so in the mobile Internet era, people are increasingly dependent on the network, WeChat and micro-blog also became the two most widely used social networking tools, because WeChat is more suitable for communication between people, gradually replace the meaning of micro-blog, WeChat marketing has gradually been put on the agenda. Some people began to doubt whether micro-blog is no longer, no one user and traffic. Of course, this idea is wrong.

although WeChat is more suitable for communication between people, but it is still far from being able to replace micro-blog. Micro-blog for us, more important is to get the latest information and discuss the information share, like this as if Hengda win, did not live, you want to know the information that only by micro-blog.

you will find micro-blog in addition to social or the fastest news station, from micro-blog in the moment, almost all the events we are first seen in micro-blog’s information, and then we’ll forward, let us see more friends. For example, this year the government will only choose the trial Bo Xilai events live on micro-blog; just two days before the last Tmall double eleven, we are also from micro-blog that it is what time sales break million, the company’s sales of 100 million for the first, and at what time more than last year, sales reached a total of how many. These we are seen from micro-blog on the first day, in the double eleven is not much to WeChat news, all the people in the industry concerned with micro-blog released the latest sales amount. Double eleven all of the media is now the latest news through micro-blog to the outside world.

micro-blog is more like a platform to get the latest information and dissemination of information, not just a purely social platform. Although now micro-blog active users is not so much, but this is the description of the development of micro-blog has gone to the stable period, leaving users are loyal users of micro-blog, not because of a momentary interest. Micro-blog users have more common attributes of the industry, they are more likely to receive the latest content they are interested in, but also more inclined to participate in their own interest in the topic of discussion.

, like this year’s "take micro-blog to travel", in micro-blog users continued for nearly a month of discussion. That’s what WeChat can’t do. WeChat is only suitable for communication between friends, not suitable for a wide range of information transmission. In addition to the game and the payment and not too much value can be commercialized, but not suitable for enterprises to do marketing.

why? There are a lot of big companies have already begun to do WeChat marketing, but the effect is not very obvious, so long time WeChat marketing appear not what big success stories appeared. Someone asked, not why there are so many enterprises in WeChat marketing? In fact, WeChat marketing is like a chicken ribs, not lost, will waste a lot of manpower and resources. If you lose a pity, how much or little effect, if they lose this resource will be rivals on the The loss outweighs the gain..

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