Taobao anniversary anniversary of the association from scratch lottery registration site will get mo

April 18th, Taobao alliance first anniversary of the most important activities – Sun site, will be officially launched at 15 tomorrow. During the event, as long as the registration of the Taobao alliance to register their own sites and publish ads, you can participate in cash draw. It is understood that all Taobao customers can participate in the activities, and the maximum 1000 yuan cash reward. At the same time, before the Thanksgiving feedback sweepstakes, there are a series of sun blessing, sun scores and other activities.

April 8th is the anniversary of the founding of Taobao alliance line days, in order to thank all the Taobao customer care and support, the Taobao alliance held in April 8th to 25 on the 1 anniversary of Thanksgiving — a "station" over "activities, through the interactive activities of Taobao customer feedback and reward. In April 8th the same day, began the sun blessing activities, where participants are likely to get Taobao souvenirs. It is reported that on the day of the event, some of the big media partners Taobao alliance have also given blessing and hope. Wang Xin, President and chief operating officer of Sohu, said that as the most important close partner of Sohu, Taobao alliance and Sohu will continue to work together to explore innovative models, expand the depth of cooperation. At the same time also wishes to continue to climb up the attitude of Taobao alliance global e-commerce alliance stable peak. Sina advertising sales department deputy general manager Shen Wei said, "Taobao alliance has been fully accepted and user end customer market, through the media widely gezonglianheng, let the electronic commerce industry chain operation is more comprehensive and effective. I believe in the future, Taobao Alliance for consumers and businesses to provide more convenient services to promote the development of the industry." Jin Ling, vice president of Phoenix, also said that the past year, is a tough year, is to create a year, but also a year of harvest. Future Phoenix will continue to work together with Taobao alliance, with the times, dedicated to provide the best quality service Taobao alliance.

in the second wave of "drying results" activities, the parties who have the thread off Taobao shows the outstanding achievements of their own, their income from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The name "zhb1983110" in Taobao activities in drying out a day income of 358.31 yuan, this number is not in Taobao drinkers, but "zhb1983110" has said, "I think as a part-time income have been very satisfied". But there are some Taobao guests in addition to drying out their achievements, but also to communicate with each other to promote experience, including how to promote, how good service to consumers, and even encourage novices "as long as we have the harvest, don’t give up halfway."

and as the biggest highlight of this event, drying site is promised to Taobao customers better future. In addition to the registration of the site on the Taobao alliance, advertising and activation can be released to participate in the lottery, the site’s registration will also become the future of Taobao customers to bury the nuggets.

according to the reporter, Taobao customers after the registration site, will facilitate the late launch of Taobao’s new advertising products to Taobao customers to use. As previously added

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