Those years we have nothing to do with the network marketing

yes, this is the era of Internet, people’s clothing live food already cannot do without the network, but in this age of Internet information era, network marketing has become necessary for each big enterprise promotion means, then, we see, what exactly is the network marketing has been the major enterprise advocate?

Baidu promotion – reluctant to set the child less than the wolf

at present, each enterprise is quite popular on the Internet everywhere Baidu promotion, Baidu alliance promotion advertising, while Baidu for the high cost, still did not let companies forget the dust off. Its reason, or because of the effect. Baidu search engine as the big boss, the daily search volume is large. Take small series is now in the special car sales circle, the customer groups are from the search engine, and from Baidu over the customer base is more than half. So even if a garbage truck keyword click once to be 30 yuan to the point, does not have telephones, telephones do not necessarily buy, also there are still companies willing to throw money into the enterprise, with the promotion, and perhaps not what business promotion business is no principle, high-profile will Baidu bid in the end. We set the circle of a word, is to bear a child sets the wolf, imagine, Baidu bid cost is higher, but sell a garbage truck that money is not much better? I think this is perhaps the biggest reason for major enterprises to choose the Baidu bid.

Sogou soso joined forces can create miracle


Baidu Baidu alliance, Baidu bid; Sogou Sogou Sogou soso Jinbang bidding; also search advertising bidding situation; the major search engines of the tricks to seize market share. The reason, soso Sogou promotion together with the original said, because of the recent Sogou and soso together, thus, promote products more diversified.

words, search for, and do not say how to light it backstage experience is really a headache, a keyword, creative have for a long time, the background is too slow, to search customer asked the reason, always said the search for the background is being upgraded, there may be some slow, so it is Speechless equivalent. However, for the promotion of search advertising situation, Xiao Bian was more optimistic, this presentation is seen in the QQ chat dialog box on the right, but those who use the QQ chat tool on the right side, see oneself want to buy the product, will click in, which greatly promoted the call volume and volume. In other words, QQ user population is quite large.

say soso, Sogou Jinbang, according to the text ads, the advertising time buyout related keywords, the search engine appears on the right side of the fixed position is Sogou, enough is too conspicuous, buy a single keyword, keyword is not enough, buy n keywords fee is too high. At this time, Sogou bidding just make up for this defect, as long as you can think of keywords, you can go to the promotion, click on the charges. This >

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