10 key points in the planning of industry B2B portal

in a column to write any process planning book, must first clear expression, the needs of users, that is to say we will always continue to website user demand is subdivided, subdivided into each column, each page, a specific implementation is on the front of the 5 part of the analysis of the results of the. For example: the web page the user’s demand, supply and demand business column user demand is different, the face of all visitors, the relationship between the user first impressions of the web site, so we partition should take into account all users demand the most common column on the site the most important position, or will will pay the customer information on the most important position. In the planning of the writing of the book, there are specific steps, the following to explain in detail:

1, column positioning and background analysis

to write a brief outline of the program, why should establish the development direction of this column, this column, this column is in what position in the entire site, is in the middle or end of the column, columns and other effects in the layout of the site in the strategy, can do on the front of the planning, a prerequisite is that you whether in accordance with the "front parts industry portal B2B planning combat Research Report" the requirement to do the work. At the same time, the benefits of doing so is to let the leaders, web designers and planners can have a general understanding of this column, there is a clear positioning and direction.

2, column user needs analysis

confirmed that the main users of the column, and a detailed record of the user’s needs, in the process of writing, you will find that your ideas will slowly become more and more clear, mode, direction of this column will be more clear, the most important thing is that you have to think, this last column for the majority of users to solve what kind of a big problem, namely we often say, the industry website planning goal is to make the product or platform you can solve a big problem in the industry, development can promote the industry through operation.

3, column profit model analysis

in the "B2B industry portal planning real station Research Report" the first part of the talk, the industry should not only consider the free B2B website users, also want to consider the user fees, the two are complementary to each other, we can not completely free without considering the needs of users, can charge users in an important position that is the most direct embodiment of these ideas in the design and function of site planning, the layout of the page layout, which directly determines the user value. Whether the user wants to buy your charge service, or he can know how much to charge service to you, the degree is decided by the page layout and website function.

Research on user behavior of

4 and column


column has many user requirements, the page also has many function modules to reflect, but to express what the expression of what is not, we have to think about it, we need to investigate, investigate one of the ways is to ask.

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