There will be a garbage flow can be included in the rankings Baidu

station is generally new, how can let the garbage station was quickly Baidu included? Every day by this station to, or to eat it, I did a test, please refer to the hidden domain.

so far, brush flow outside the chain is the only way.

In addition chain method recommended by

is dead, after all the garbage station with the friendship of the people the probability is relatively low. It had to own ~ lead chain. Lead a large number of the chain, the chain has since cited, it is surely to the station. Baidu’s products are many, we will see a lot more. To the current location, personal feel Baidu know Baidu space is a good chain.

of course, like Admin5, behind are good outside the chain. The last time I was asked to fall behind the post, why the same post, in the figure Wang that Baidu will receive, in the outdated do not accept. There are friends that the reasons for the procedure. Do not know if it is not true, so to map the king cited this chain is a good way, after verification, as long as the recommended to the home page of the article, Baidu will be included. This is a king of the chain.

first, the goal should be set, since it is a garbage station. Only picture station with the movie station is preferred. The movie station may be more difficult, because the film is the Marx class program, Baidu is not good, relatively speaking, the picture PV station to stand higher than the film, in the IP case, there is also a considerable strength of Baidu pictures. Baidu received a lot of probability. Choose these 2 do dumpster is put advertising more.

keyword search is very high, I know there are a few, through the check day visits, there are a few W search. Imagine, if you stand in front of these keywords to the first three, then IP will certainly come rolling. So do the dumpster buddy can search the information station, the station to seo.


as long as you do good, Baidu took your home, and you are the front row keywords, this will not necessarily be included a few real move than the Baidu W page, station by keywords, garbage station is on individual super popular keywords to flow.

all included in Baidu under the premise of you, a lot of YAHOO knowledge hall, Qihoo, 360, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, the portal site blog.

so that you can bring valuable IP to the new station, but also to make the spider climb a little more exciting, no matter how, there is a sure, you stand a large number of visits, Baidu included certainly fast.

now I have to do all the stations are included in the 2 weeks of Baidu. I do not know whether it is fast or slow, but no matter how, I let these new sites since the opening of the station, the IP has never been less than 3000. Do not know if this is not a reason Baidu included, this depends on his own research. buy 500>

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