Zhengzhou cracked yellow novel website signing author is 20 years old girl

on the Internet, we can learn a lot of knowledge, but there are some sites, although took a very pleasant name, but it is a bad site.

recently, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment with a month’s time, captured a yellow website establishment and the signing of more than. The yellow website not only a whoop and a holler to violence and pornography in 32, signing authors, most of it is a 20 year old girl. Reporter Shen Chunmei legal channel reporter Li Yingying

caused by the surge in the number of new sites hit

January 2011, Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment police found a "Tanbi (BL)’s website, click on the amount within one month from the tens of thousands of times up to hundreds of thousands of times, most of the time of nearly a million times. In addition, some sections of the site only VIP members can read. The police thought "into" website, found that there are many novels in pay.

basically erotic novels based on the promotion of homosexuality, violence, bloody." Network monitoring detachment vice captains Geng Jie said.

through the investigation, evidence, the police quickly identified the site’s founder, and locked it in a family navigation road hospital. Wang Zhaoju, male, 28 years old, Lushan Mountain County, "Tanbi (BL) novel network webmaster. In Wang Zhaoju’s home, the police found a lot of containing pornographic content is novel, and dozens of pornographic pictures not fit to be seen. Wang Zhaoju of the "energy-saving" confessed to the facts.

According to

police statistics, "energy-saving" novels of seventy thousand or eighty thousand, there were 1500 articles involving pornographic.

it is understood that the word "Tanbi" detailed explanation is "contains all the beautiful things that can touch people, the most pure beauty". The word is Japanese comics for gay comics, and eventually developed into one of his gay comics.

took charge of reading members have 600 thousand people

according to the "criminal law" provisions, "Tanbi" webmaster Wang Zhaoju has been suspected of committing the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials. In the next search process, the police found a more surprising thing.

in Wang Zhaoju’s home, police seized the establishment of "Tanbi (BL) novel network computer. In addition, dozens of Wang Zhaoju and the author of the network signed a formal contract. According to Wang Zhaoju account, he wrote only a small amount of pornographic novels, most of the novels on the web site is provided by the network.

for some involving pornographic content of the novel, Wang Zhaoju and open up the VIP column. Soon, the site has 600 thousand members. "Subscribe to this novel must recharge." Wang Zhaoju metasomatism.

accidentally signed more than 20 year old author of women

it is understood that the "Tanbi" website the signing of 32 people.


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