The electricity supplier personnel must read Ten picture teach you to read mobile business

these scenes did not have 3 years ago, has now become the mainstream of life:

1, bus, subway stop brush WeChat, watching movies, listening to music, looking for information;

2, the toilet did not waste time to look at the mobile phone;

3, first thing in the morning is open, the second thing is to look at the mobile phone;

4, mobile phone positioning restaurant group, reviews, a variety of buy a variety of concessions;

5, no navigation can not find a place;

6, drops and fast into a taxi weapon;

7, NOKIA is not common, not even millet and even vivo

, 8, financial transfers do not go to the bank line, Alipay can fix;

9, long-distance phone rarely hit the QQ, WeChat video out of the solution;

10, like for a long time did not send text messages, we no longer popular message pay New Year’s call;

what happened over the years,


through the mobile phone side of the transaction more and more, more and more frequent, in the past 3 years every year more than 100% growth;


With the rapid development of smart phones, the development of

China Mobile e-commerce:

China has become the world’s largest smartphone sales country, regardless of network coverage or mobile phone shipments have reached the world advanced level;

mobile Internet is a step to affect all aspects of our lives:


in the third party payment Alibaba monopoly than Baidu in the search of the monopoly of the

;The size of the

market is about 6 times the amount of money paid by the company, which accounts for nearly 80% of the market share of;


in 2013 and 14 years Tencent Ali and several rounds of battle of wits, very good:

first round: drops PK drops

dozens of million subsidy, let the taxi driver took advantage, but also let users enjoy the convenience of mobile Internet, it drops and quick to do this thing:

1, created a few billion market size, rapid education, the popularity of the mobile Internet

2, operating a few decades of traditional taxi call platform was directly PK no

3, the taxi driver collective accepted the opportunity to re education, they became the first push mobile Internet push hands;

second round: WeChat red

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