Not afraid to die The six room Founder to create chotion threatened to kill WeChat

Abstract: the rich China Mobile "Fetion", "and" Alibaba mad push, NetEase and Telecommunications under a banner of free communication to create "easy" have challenged WeChat’s dominance, but were defeated. At present, there is not a product of WeChat and dare to challenge the positive.

used to have the likes of WeChat, was not seriously injured

is death!

deep pocketed China Mobile’s "Fetion", "from" mad push Alibaba, NetEase and telecommunications and a banner of free communication to create "easy" have challenged WeChat’s dominance, but were defeated. At present, there is not a product of WeChat dare and positive challenge, according to the Tencent Inc released the first quarter of 2016 earnings, WeChat and WeChat monthly active users has reached 762 million. Recently a chotion threatened to kill WeChat news spread, this is not to say yes or no official chotion.

chotion, beyond the WeChat


brewing for two years, "chotion" on the line. According to online information, security is based on a mobile phone mail list of instant messaging tools, located in the elite communication tool, safe, simple and fast "is the main features of WeChat direct benchmarking.


1, entrepreneurial team

also dare to challenge WeChat, from chotion chairman Liu Yan. Liu Yan is the founder of the six rooms, the team has accumulated in the field of instant messaging has 15 years of experience. The product behind, it is also CEO Jiang hong. According to some media exposure information, also bluntly born for security, and the founder of Jiang Hongpo as a mystery, there is speculation from the security field, there has also been speculation is the core technology of a former member of the chat software.

in security on the front line, in room six, Betta pepper and three platform launched a "one million cash, looking for a hacker" activities. For five days until the end of 12, according to the online information that Chaoxin messages based on 256 bit AES encryption, RSA encryption and Diffie-Hellman 2048 encryption key exchange mechanism, a kind of encryption methods are also currently very advanced. Such activities are made out of their own products, of course, does not rule out speculation behavior.

2, security is the core competitiveness of

security and confidentiality is its core competitiveness is also the biggest difference between WeChat and. The main safety chotion and WeChat are very different in the transmission of information on the bottom. When the user chotion select safe mode on a call, send to store all the information is strong encryption, and through the P2P interaction (through the server) is completely private call mode of communication between the two sides, and did not participate in the monitoring of third party. There is a "burn after reading" the security function is also done, about 20s after burn after reading the message will disappear in >

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