National computer virus center found a new variant of malicious Trojan Small ONV

Xinhua news agency in Tianjin on 16 November, (reporter Zhang Jianxin, Yuan Shuai) national computer virus emergency response center via the Internet monitoring found that the recent emergence of a malicious Trojan variant of Trojan_Small.ONV.

the variant will enhance its current permissions, create a process snapshot, create a remote process.

variant running, the infected operating system will be specified in the directory to create malicious files, write virus data. At the same time, the variant to create a new process, the implementation of the file, if the file is open, the new registry startup items to start.

in addition, the variant will be connected to the malicious attacker specified remote Web address, download other Trojans, viruses and other malicious programs and save to the local disk.

has been infected with the malicious Trojans variants of computer users, experts suggest that the system immediately upgrade anti-virus software, a comprehensive anti-virus. Recommendations of uninfected users open system anti-virus software system monitoring function, from the active defense of the various operations registry, system processes, memory, network, etc., so you can monitor the first time an unknown virus invasion activities to achieve full protection of computer system security purposes.

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