Stationmaster net broadcast deep throat broke P2P net loan pools of capital that trap Guarantee Corp

1 music as soon as the request for immediate apology millet millet has been said to have mastered the evidence of infringement

Chong crown anger for copyright." Video industry struggles to upgrade again, the war is also competing for the market share of the business to compete for copyright, and the two protagonist is the music and millet.

on Friday, the Beijing Haidian court, millet box "The Flowers Of War" infringement LETV, "I am special forces" and 7 video works the right to network dissemination of information, to 150 thousand yuan compensation letv. For the judgment, millet company issued a statement in June 30th responded that millet box access is iCNTV (the future of film and television) platform, program acquisition by iCNTV management, source compliance. Millet will be the future of television with iCNTV, the facts of the first instance verdict and the application of the law to communicate and consider, timely decision whether to appeal.


deep throat broke P2P net loan fund pool is not reliable trap Guarantee Corporation  

is a P2P run away climax, June only has 6 net lending platform has been blasting the lost run away. For the barbaric growth of P2P net loan industry, in the high-speed expansion at the same time, chaos.

has many years of experience in the P2P net loan industry to the Tencent revealed deep throat technology, how to identify the net loan platform has several points, first, the platform can not be a capital pool mode, Guarantee corporation not only look genuine, depends on whether they have the ability to pay, the most important thing is to face the high income of the project must be rational.

capital pool mode is not credible

capital pool model looks beautiful. Some P2P platform can often see some dubbed the name of a particular product, these products usually have a fixed interest income, and must be committed to protect the security interest, more importantly, they are told in many products investors can make unconditional redemption at any time.

3 revenue balance treasure this month at the end of May below 4% experts say there is no much room for development of  

July 2nd news, after the Spring Festival, the balance of treasure yields continued to fall, the recent seven annual interest rate of only 4.221%, lower than the official rate of return on the date of last year’s day of 4.338%. Some analysts said, from mid July to early August, the balance of treasure yields are hovering around 4%, or at the beginning of August will fall below 4%.

, Dean of Tsinghua University and Wudaokou Institute of Finance deputy governor Wu Xiaoling of the people’s Bank of China June 29th also said at the inaugural summit of new financial alliance, the balance of treasure has not much room for development, I think the balance of treasure has basically done the ultimate".

July 1st disclosed Celestica fund balances treasure two quarter scale data, as of June 30, 2014, the balance of treasure scale reached 574 billion 160 million yuan, compared to the end of the first quarter, the scale steadily, ranking the largest, >

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