Telecom in February 52 22% domestic market share last month fell 0 61% QoQ

IDC network ( on 14 August 03 reports: according to the latest CNZZ data show that in February, the domestic market of network access providers, China Telecom market share reached 52.22%, ranking first in absolute advantage, but continued to decline, fell 0.61% last month. Unicom, on the contrary, its market share of 29.88%, the previous month, an increase of 0.69%, is narrowing the gap between China Telecom. Look at the following IDC comments on the detailed analysis of the data.

(Figure 1) February domestic network access market share distribution

clearly by Figure 1, China Telecom to get first of the market share of more than half, to $52.22%. Chinese Unicom’s market share of 29.88% in second, China Mobile with 7.28% market share ranked third, followed by the railway, the Great Wall broadband, telecommunications, education network, China Ying Hongyuan era.

(Figure 2) domestic network access market share comparison

as shown in Figure 2, in February, the domestic market share of Internet access providers in January compared with the China Telecom, the Great Wall broadband, educational network declined. Among them, the largest decline in China Telecom, 0.61%. Unicom, in contrast, rose from 29.19% to 29.88%, an increase of 0.69%. IDC Review Network noted that China Telecom has shown a downward trend for several months, China Unicom is gradually rising, narrowing the gap between the two, reflecting their mutual influence. In the future, whether this trend will continue, IDC review network will focus on observation.

is worth mentioning China Mobile, from January, the market share increased by 0.26% times, and showed the Hongyuan is extremely stable, from 1 to February, the market share of no change.

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