Shanghai Lixin University Students Trinidad send flags for whom


: a group of students holding a flags, sit on the subway, attracted crowds of curious eyes, I was just two or three years after graduation, and students opened an Internet company, think this thing can be written to our company website, then stepped forward and they chatted together, and things we to the contrary, most people may feel they are doing what, or what program, but on the contrary, they are completely spontaneous organization, not for what activities, but not for what programs engage in propaganda, just to thank a silence to pay, not for the return of the web site, so who is this webmaster, I see their banners, probably guess pretty close, he is the New Oriental English Network ( station.

these students are about four or five, in the process of talking that they are 4 students in Shanghai Li Department of economic management school letter, last year in the online forum to know English net webmaster, webmaster is an English lover, often participate in some of Shanghai’s English corner activities, with deep research and practice how to learn English, and set up a special English QQ group, this group of students are told they have six failed, some four had no, some over 46 grade to graduate, or oral English test certificate, webmasters will tell how they are finished in this limited time remaining their own goals, and he told them to establish their own websites, fusion and other New Oriental English good English learning experience and a lot of New Oriental English learning video data, and these completely not for profit, So they follow the way to teach them to learn, and watch the video above the site. Now basically all had their initial goal when. They also know that now do a webmaster is really not easy, should also continue to maintain their own web site, update, and owners should pay attention to English dynamic and netizens question. It’s really not easy.

this group of students say, they think twice before making this decision, decided to go to see this silently pay the webmaster, to a thank. Also hope that all the way to let more people know the New Oriental English network, so that more people in English confusion in the hope that this is also the hope of the New Oriental English website.

the spirit of the Internet is to share, I think it is because of these networks in the world silently contribution, quietly pay a webmaster, the Internet can Chinese so rapidly, so I also like to see the future of the Internet China.

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