Give me 3 million the Chinese nternet fraud industry

Internet Conference this year is brilliant, a square dance aunt out to the site, a small nurse in the medical examination, there are a variety of muscles in the field of gay bodybuilding industry Hyun videotape. The High in the climax, chairman of the northern long net company Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) chief scientist Mr. Mao Wei playing speech, a woman rushed directly hit the field, shouted Mao Wei is a swindler, and asking them to me 3 million". After the woman was taken away by security, the meeting was able to continue.


later Mao himself said that the woman’s protest may be related to the investment domain name, and then continue to expand on the Chinese generic domain name.

this "downtown" in a lot of the meeting site have appeared, the industry is more accustomed to. However, the lady protests actually gives us a span of ten years, in the Internet community Chinese legacy of profound industry — pseudo name marketing fraud.

in 1998, a company named 3721 was founded, its core product is called "Chinese Web site" (later into the "real name"), that is, in the address bar to enter the Chinese language can visit the site’s services. For example, enter the Sina News can go to

this is how to achieve it? It works very ingenious, the use of the Windows operating system low version of the IE browser plug-in open, with the aid of the IE browser in the domestic monopoly penetration and rapid development. Install the plug-in IE browser, when the user directly in the address bar to enter the Chinese, will automatically retrieve the 3721 server on the site corresponding to the real name, complete the visit. Failed to match the server-side data access is to jump to the 3721 search page, which can be regarded as a search engine, that is, Zhou Hongyi was considered to have been involved in the search.

this product now looks a bit silly, but it did change some of the Chinese Internet access, but also to the founder of Mr. Zhou Hongyi to make a lot of money. According to 3721 of the argument, the plug-in has covered more than 90% of Chinese Internet users, daily usage of more than 80 million people. At the business level, which has 300 thousand users, the average user’s fee is 500 yuan / year, industry users of $8000 / year. It is because it has been declared that the Chinese Internet access to the fact that the standard, and ultimately to the Chinese Internet in 2003 was low tide, YAHOO was $120 million price of the successful acquisition.

need to point out that, due to the 3721 in the process of promoting the means of excessive use of the software installation bundled and malicious web code, can not uninstall, etc., and ultimately the industry as a rogue software".

is the initiator of evil one, naturally someone to follow up, Baidu also launched the "Souba" products, later on

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