Class Pinterest website operation is the last few living

news March 18th, sponsored by the "· technology trend" in March 17th seventh; potential salon held this issue as "Pinterest mode Chinese road", senior investment manager Yao Yaping invited the triumph of venture capital, angel investors, "Baidu seven Musketeers" founding team members, senior Internet personage Wang Xiao, street network CEO im2.0, interactive group founder Wang Xiujuan, petals net CEO Liu Pingyang and CEO Han Lichun as the snack control of guests, in Chinese the development direction of the commercial value of the Pinterest model.

said the "Baidu seven Musketeers" founding team members, Wang Xiaozai of senior Internet personage roundtable discussion, group purchase experience tells us that the low threshold of things, usually have very high operational barriers, whose operation ability will win. Really can stand to the end, will not leave a few. Wang Xiao also believes that the Pinterest website Chinese, diversion from business point of view, a year to see if there is a ceiling, from the interest graph tool type website, will be one to two independent, from the characteristics of social networking sites, entrepreneurs still have a chance, because the couple did not know the future can survive.

what is Pinterest like in China

just one year, Pinterest became second only to Twitter and Facebook’s third major social networking sites, and in the country, and now has a website to follow the trend of the more than and 30. So, China’s Pinterest should be what kind of


guests give a different answer. Know that Venus is guiding us CEO. Venus said Pinterest is a weak relationship between social platform, and Chinese Pinterest and foreign Pinterest sites are not the same, only domestic from such a form of waterfalls flow, but the ultimate goal is to let the user can easily find the latest, most fire, the heat of the goods, Chinese future Pinterest website evolution model will exceed the United states.

and snacks control CEO Han Lichun is considered to share. Han Lichun snacks control for example, from the user’s point of view, the user can get a good picture of the food after sharing information, from the perspective of the business, this is the best way to spread word of mouth.

The petals of

network CEO Liu Pingyang said that from the point of Pinterest, the diversion is just a business model, but the collection, make friends and share these three key words are necessary, and the Chinese Pinterest sites are currently in a stage of the accumulation of users, what is the future, there are many possibilities, mainly to see the entrepreneur’s perspective.

as an investor, Wang Xiao believes that in addition to the carrier is not the same, Pinterest and Baidu Post Bar actually like, is a kind of based on interest, have certain social attributes with the community "

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