CCTV and then exposed 315 complaints network suspected of negative news blackmail companies

should be for the consumer rights of the site, but was suspected of negative news blackmail enterprise pay. Yesterday, according to CCTV "weekly quality report" report, 315 consumer complaints network name of rights under the banner, with negative information released the unfavorable threatening, forcing companies to pay a membership fee to the name of cooperation".

said the person in charge of the site, CCTV survey and the company’s argument is not in line with the facts, the reason was the complaint and exposure, because the consumer complaints against the enterprise information."

form a strategic partner

cooperation costs 120 thousand

per year

, according to CCTV reported that in November 10, 2010, SKYWORTH found in 315 consumer complaints online appeared on a SKYWORTH TV exposure article, questioned the existence of serious defects in SKYWORTH products. The SKYWORTH company is skeptical that this negative news is not a simple consumer complaints reported, but with the renewal issue related.

SKYWORTH group brand management manager Du Lijun said that the company had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the 315 consumer complaints network. Over the past three years, SKYWORTH group to pay $60 thousand per year, and the consumer complaints network formed a 315 strategic partnership. But after the expiration of the contract, 315 consumer complaints network will be a strategic partnership of cooperation costs rose to 120 thousand yuan a year, SKYWORTH group decided not to renew, which led to negative reports on the SKYWORTH brand frequently appear in this website.

according to "weekly quality report" report, 315 consumer complaints network operations director Cao Zhiwen bluntly: "this 2011 with all we had strategic cooperation between enterprises, basically have signed, including Haier, Hisense, Changhong, TCL, Konka and so on these large enterprises, we are basically. There is no one dare to break the middle enterprise, might break four or five days, this is what we can accept. But after a month or two months, this is not the case."

does not renew cooperation with the site

to be interviewed

Electronic Chamber of Commerce

it is understood that 315 consumer complaints online has a large number of consumer complaints, these information by telecommunications services, home appliances, financial insurance, such as the classification of the more than and 10 categories. According to the site itself, the site hosted by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, in the industry is very famous, huge impact. Its individual members of more than one million, the daily average of more than 1500 complaints, in similar sites, online search results ranked first. And the reason why there are so many members of this site formed a strategic partnership, in addition to the website 315 loud name, another reason is that the site is sponsored by the government departments under the industry association.

and SKYWORTH group encountered a similar situation, another well-known household electrical appliance enterprises in September last year, with 315 consumer complaints network cooperation expires, with the enterprise >

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