Sources said the 91 foreign teachers network CEO NetEase capital or will take over Gong Haiyan quit


news that 91 foreign teachers network CEO NetEase capital or will take over Gong Haiyan quit

[TechWeb] December 5th news reports, news, online English training 91 teachers, CEO Zheng Jinli has decided not to go to work for more than a month, or have to leave, it will join another company of good future education in this regard, Zheng Jinli responded, "I don’t".

According to informed sources,

, with 91 foreign teachers repeatedly turmoil, its shareholders NetEase capital or will take over. This also means that 91 foreign teachers network founder Gong Haiyan will quit.

91 foreign teachers network was founded in early 2013, Gong Haiyan is the first project in the online education industry, the main provider of online English speaking 1 pairs of 1 video sites, NetEase capital has received $4 million A round of investment.

November 2013, Gong Haiyan also launched ladder network, a primary and secondary school covers a K12 stage of the whole teaching resources sharing platform, and as the focus of work. It is said that in 2013, when Gong Haiyan gave 91 foreign teachers invested little strength, the team of the people, there are more than and 120 people in the main ladder network, only 20 people in the maintenance of 91 foreign teachers network.

July 2014, Gong Haiyan launched its newly established third online education website that a good network, the main K12 field of "interactive live", is essentially a "catch-up" platform + online tutoring online.

at the same time, 91 foreign teachers began to operate independently of the company, Zheng Jinli served as CEO, self financing.

but in September this year, Gong Haiyan will be the focus of development before re transfer to abandon the 91 teacher, that a good network closed ladder network of capital chain rupture was traced. The return of Gong Haiyan is bound to bring some pressure on the company’s strategy to Zheng Jinli, sources said that due to the departure of the president and the views of the president is not the same as Gong Haiyan, Zheng Jinli. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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