Unauthorized online multi broadcast drama popcorn network copyright infringement

Washington a video site hit more drama, caused six network copyright infringement of property rights case.

recently, Beijing Netmovie Co. v. Pu ICT (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. copyright infringement case, by the Beijing Dongcheng District people’s court Intellectual Property Tribunal accepted.

the plaintiffs, the plaintiff, the hit drama network dissemination of information in the Chinese mainland region of the right people. The defendant is a well-known video site (popcorn network) operators. The defendant without the plaintiff’s authorization in the business website provides "witch", "young hee, Wu Shuijing" killer "gold bride", "bad lovers" Korean online play, damage the legitimate interests of the plaintiff, it is taken to court, request every TV series compensation for the loss of 50 thousand yuan.

according to the analysis of the industry, the number of cases is the intellectual property court accepted large number of Internet infringement of cinema film and television works information network transmission right, and a kind of typical information infringement cases occur. This type of case involves the current development of the standardization of the new video site industry.

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