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China news network November 10th news (reporter Wei Jing) near the "double eleven", the major electricity supplier already by overwhelming advertising promotion started before the war, not only to create a "holiday" atmosphere, but also to seize the market to make a last ditch. In order to prevent the "double eleven" price "water" phenomenon, the day before the State Administration for Industry and Commerce called Jingdong, Amazon and other 15 home network business enterprises, standardize the network centralized administrative guidance forum held promotional activities will advance to the electricity supplier, playing the shot".

: require businesses to strictly abide by the Administration for Industry and Commerce shall publish false advertising; not false special offer showmanship, implementation of fraud no price goods; not first price and then discount to shoddy, "seven not" provisions yijiachongzhen.

in the middle of last month, according to the official website of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission bulletin, Beijing Gome online because of original fiction, false promotion, deceive consumers, is out of 200 thousand yuan ticket, a total of more than and 30 suspected illegal goods price.

It is reported that

, these goods are original fiction, some promotional page price and the actual price discrepancies, such as a washing machine, the page marked "original price 2098 yuan, 1598 yuan price activity", and the fact that the original price of goods is lower than the active promotional price of only 1198 yuan. A laptop promotional page display price of 2699 yuan, but click on the page to enter the sales page, it has become a $2999.

China Network reporter also learned in the interview, some consumers have had experience in the online shopping experience of deception. Ms. Wu told reporters, last year’s’ double eleven ‘before, my mother took a fancy to the hat, when the price is 60 dollars,’ double ‘zero point one’ also found a dollar rose over the past, into a 61."

in the face of Ms. Wu’s consultation, the shop customer service explained that "no cash back double eleven" before the "double eleven" can rely on the sun single give praise back now is a few dollars, as the preferential policies, so Wu felt very uncomfortable.

In addition to this, as well as the interview, said he had encountered eleven

only 10 Fen of the wonderful bargain merchants, there is a feeling of being played by themselves."

a period of time, a South Korean washing machine named pobling by some women sought after beauty, consumers see the electronic business platform for the promotion of the product, and quickly ordered a. After the receipt of the goods, Ms. Chen suddenly saw a lot of people say they have received not wash machine brand "pobling" in the evaluation, but "Robling", the two commodity only the first letter of different.

The owner of this response is

, has been in the promotional information indicates that the product has a few goods, to random delivery, "he means that these two brands are likely to receive, but we want to buy just ‘pobling’ information, also did not see another brand." Ms. Chen said.

she said she was "

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