Jingdong high profile to do fresh imported supermarket is not good


two, the Jingdong of fresh platform that really is a racket. Why is it so lively that it turned out to be a "fruit in the diamond" car to blame the child. It is reported that the Jingdong to the orchard every day in January 12th –1 month 18 days during the launch of imported fruit big promotion activities, while the biggest surprise this big promotion activities is Chile cherries famous, launched J (fruit diameter 26-28mm) cherries 1 pounds loaded 29 yuan nationwide shipping (1 ID purchase 1 jin) and XL (fruit diameter 24-26mm) cherries 3 pounds loaded 100 yuan mobile phone privileges. Such a rare experience the early adopters, Jingdong fresh platform crowds since is inevitable.

Jingdong such high-profile, Tmall and 1 store would not sleep? But as far as I am concerned, I am afraid not two sleepless nights, but the import of supermarket! Good day imported supermarket left not much


import price close to the people to challenge the supermarket

Spring Festival is approaching, this should be when cherries sold, but this year was especially cold." This is the entrance of a supermarket responsible person issued a sigh. Why? We can analyze the reasons from the price data. At present, the entrance of the supermarket J (fruit diameter 26-28mm) the wholesale price of the car is about 5 kg, about $460, a rough calculation of 1 pounds, plus transportation, labor, warehousing and other costs, the price will be much higher than $46. Now, we take a look at the sale price of the car sales of Jingdong: J level (fruit diameter 26-28mm) 1 kg car seed of $29, the national package. Although each ID can only buy a pound, but it can be much more affordable than imported supermarkets. As everyone knows, the price has been imported supermarket weakness. It has long tapping his Jingdong to short effect nature is hard, accurate and fast. From the current situation of imports of fruit shipments continued to slump in the store, the people first price of this trick really let the supermarket to eat.

beat the origin of the direct supply of imported supermarket

fresh operating system in Jingdong, one of the most prominent feature is the official origin of the direct supply. December 2014, Jingdong Chilean cherry blueberry ceremony was successfully held at the Chilean embassy. Since then, the online Chilean Museum officially settled in Jingdong. At the same time, Jingdong and fresh Chile HSB huisiyuan farm direct supply base signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the official opening of the Chilean cherries and blueberry sales road. Chile has a car after the official authorization, Jingdong online sale of Chilean car seed is bound to increase confidence. Take the cooperation with the cherry orchard every day sale activities, on the origin of selection, source monitoring, professional sorting, cold chain transportation, fast delivery and other aspects so that consumers impeccable. Among them, the most moving consumers is that the best planting area from Chile to reach the hands of the car, still retains the fresh and sweet when picking. In contrast, cherries imported supermarket has fresh taste, uneven in quality, not one, but there is no authoritative department official authorized to certify the origin of true and false, consumers will inevitably have doubts.

at present, the impact of Jingdong in the field of fresh electricity providers

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