Ministry of Commerce Shop serious breach of promise will be mandatory delisting legislation

Spring Festival is approaching, online shopping consumption is booming. Following the day before the Ministry of Commerce issued a document requiring all localities to strengthen the Spring Festival Internet retail industry management regulations, online retailers and third party trading platform shall not cancel the order, the reporter learned yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has also recently held e-commerce sites responsible for the forum asked the site to strengthen the network management, and put forward to the false registration, body shop major violations, serious dishonesty will take the appropriate means of compulsory delisting. Industry experts believe that the current domestic online shopping market confusion, online shopping consumer complaints show explosive growth, the undesirable tendency has hindered the expansion of domestic demand in China, is not conducive to the stability of people’s livelihood, recently, China’s relevant departments have launched a series of substantive regulatory initiatives, signaled China will increase and strengthen the supervision of the online shopping market. It is reported that the Ministry of Commerce intends to fight for the online retail management regulations included in the State Council Legislative plan this year, so that the online shopping into the legal track.


industry and Commerce Administration: the implementation of credit classification management to clear the serious lack of credit businesses

recently, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce as the online shopping market regulation issued by the voice.

last month, 26, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice requiring the competent departments of Commerce to strengthen the management of the new year’s day, the Spring Festival during the online retail industry management, regulate the behavior of online retail operations. The proposed network retailer and third party trading platform may unilaterally cancel the order without reason, not to refuse to return or promotion obstacles for consumers to return, not to reserves the right of final interpretation on the grounds, damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

reporter yesterday from the "notice" was informed that the commerce department will focus on supervision and inspection of the third party trading platform, group purchase website whether there is a false promotion, protection of intellectual property, contraband sales, merchandise quality, price fraud, service standard behavior. And called "Xianhengpeifu system, guide the network retailers and third party trading platform system cooling off period, no discount, original fiction misleading price shall not reduce promotional merchandise quality and service quality."

coincidentally, 26 last month, the State Administration for Industry and commerce market management department also organized e-commerce site responsible for the forum asked the site to strengthen the network management, the electricity providers need to carry out self correction, do not have market conditions, false registration, major violations, serious dishonesty operators take appropriate measures forced to withdraw from the market, and limit its reentry city.

State Administration of industry and Commerce

requirements, the electricity supplier to implement the network management of credit classification management, timely specification of the lack of credit business behavior, timely removal of a serious lack of credit businesses. At the same time require electricity providers need to further clarify the rights of way to inform consumers, consumers or operators handling timely the appeal and report; the establishment of commodity purchase and sales ledger, to achieve traceability management.

for the network group purchase market market regulation division dragons and fishes jumbled together, all the requirements, strengthen the group purchase group purchase website.

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