Clever use of the flow of traffic to share the spirit of rapid upgrade rankings

has a lot of people have said, Baidu keyword ranking and Alexa ranking is inseparable, so improve the ranking of Alexa is undoubtedly Baidu search engine SEO is an indispensable factor. Brush Alexa Rankings become new sites to improve the ranking of Alexa preferred method.

brush Alexa Rankings of the site a lot, but the real effect is rare, there are a lot of buckle, not loaded Alexa Toolbar, from the visit statistics can clearly see. With popular software to brush, but always keep dialing, affect our normal Internet access, but also easy to make computer poisoning. To improve their new Alexa ranking then how to use a simple and effective way? Adger have a little experience here and share with you.

you know, install the Alexa user group is the most webmaster, then the introduction of the webmaster traffic is an effective way to improve the Alexa rankings. (here I only introduce a method, we can extend it)

I do a beauty class of new sites (excellent beautiful site time is not more than twenty days, Baidu’s collection is just released. The current Alexa ranking in about one million place, ranking around four hundred thousand weeks to maintain. Because is the new sites, from the search engine traffic is almost negligible, but every day from Tid=62926 Lailiangbaiduo IP, it is more than and 200 IP, my Alexa Rankings rapidly, with the increase of the weights of the website, search engine traffic increased, Alexa ranking will naturally become more and more.

read here, I believe that the smart webmaster has understood how. Of course, you need to pay a small, free spirit of sharing. But the rate of return is high, the ability of the webmaster must not be. In addition to sharing their own templates, there are other ways to improve the Alexa Rankings, I hope the friends like to write a message here to write your valuable advice.

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