Four micro blog Sina game portal into the pattern of the industry was questioned

micro-blog has become a major portal "standard", has been to the intense competition for users. The day before, Sina in the micro-blog developer conference announced that the two big profit clear direction of micro-blog’s business: advertising and value-added self-service applications.

this, industry stakeholders have said that micro-blog’s profit point still needs to be explored, the specific product type also needs to be verified.

micro-blog giant test platform commercialization

the latest data show that as of the end of October 2010, Sina micro-blog users has reached 50 million, the average daily release of more than 25 million micro-blog. This huge user base touched the other portal sensitive nerves, Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix, Tencent, etc. have joined the micro-blog camp.


Analysys International CEO Yu Yang said, micro-blog provides a new interactive communication platform, which makes the major portals have launched related projects, who dare not do micro-blog.

days ago, Sina announced the two profit clear direction of micro-blog’s business: advertising and value-added self-service applications. No mention of any other portal micro-blog profit measures.

Sina vice president and general manager of the micro-blog division Peng Shaobin told the "daily economic news" interview, Sina’s advertising self-service marketing system "has been measured, and will be launched this month end.

Application of

in terms of added value, sina will encourage developers to develop games, including a variety of services such as online shopping, group purchase and payment form, similar to Apple’s APPStore, according to the developers of the positioning of the product pricing, the key to see whether the free application mode of developers, while Sina and developers sharing ratio of 3:7.

Sina move was questioned by the industry. Frost& Sullivan chief consultant Wang Yuquan (micro-blog) believes that advertising is not the best revenue model, because advertising is the biggest problem with a large number of users do not want to see the information.

Zhang Zhaoyang

chairman of the board of directors of Sohu on the "daily economic news" said that at this stage is not suitable to talk about micro-blog’s profit model, "may they (Sina) to a light application carrying too heavy expectations, so I think early."

insiders pointed out that in the major portals, Tencent with instant messaging tools QQ firmly stick to the user; Sohu, NetEase are also in a few years ago will be inclined to the net income structure; only Sina’s revenue model is too simple.

Sina third quarter earnings, net profit of $31 million 300 thousand in the quarter, net revenues of $108 million 200 thousand. Among them, advertising revenue accounted for 75% of total revenue.

can be said that sina has been the ultimate Internet advertising, these people said that this is the cause of sina eager to force the commercialization of micro-blog platform operation.

Chairman and chief executive officer,

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