On the site of the Yellow novel was investigated

      29 August 06 stationmaster net dayoo.com – Guangzhou Daily News: since April this year, the country according to law to carry out special action to combat Internet pornography, Guangzhou police cleanup pornographic information more than 3 thousand and 200, closed 65 illegal websites.

      in the middle of this month, Guangzhou police received a report from the masses: the mobile phone website "× palm net" has a large number of suspected pornographic novels. The police immediately launched an online survey, and soon mastered the site’s release, dissemination of pornographic novels evidence, and to identify the site operating units for the × in Guangzhou; Online Network Technology Co., ltd.. From the investigation of the situation, "× palm net" on a number of pornographic novels, and gambling games. On the afternoon of June 21st, the police carried out operations, according to the law summoned a number of people involved, and the scene seized 5 computers and web servers involved.

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