How do use the nternet to achieve two months of income of 70 thousand

first, say hello to everyone haven’t met in a long time, often removed from the A5, the owners of the house and sometimes also to write some articles, because itself is doing technical background, in the A5 website to learn a lot to know whether SEO or establishment of thinking and operating strategy, gave me no help, it is because the technology is not very good, personal feeling or technical person, or to use technology to do marketing, docking and traditional products. From the beginning of this year to contact me now do the industry, POS machine, this is definitely not advertising, because I want to really talk to you, but also I would like to express my gratitude to A5.

in my Words alone are no proof., clearing the table:

(this is positive)

(this is the opposite)

these two photos are my balance sheet, from May to July. This is all my customers are doing it from the Internet to do the promotion. Pure SEO, from the optimization of keywords, to the overall layout of the site, personal feeling can also be. Many customers are aware of the site to see the site is good, the company’s overall image will be improved. There will be a contact with me the idea to interview after basically will partner with the company, which may earn money and wealthy people than it really few, but I feel very satisfied, because this is my very easy in hard and earn. Not much to say.

let me share with you how I did it.

do image site, this is your business entry

first website to do, the site must do not say how good, want to let a person look after very intimate, such as my clients into my site to see me for their design template and template name card leaflets, so that they feel very down to earth, that is to hold the heart the customer of the company. Including some difficult problems, some sales methods are to share with them, some do not mean your ideas, or you need to think of French words easier, so that customers will love to see if the site, are some of the code, what keyword density things, customers certainly cannot read later. Jump out of the site. Said so much, in fact, just wanted to tell you that the website is our face, we must face the whole clean, nice, this is the most basic.

with QQ and WeChat

QQ and WeChat said here that could not imagine everyone in non-stop advertising, then people like to chat, I want to say here is a kind of soft marketing is very comfortable, why say soft, because it will not make people feel very stiff, for example I will add a lot of of course there are friends with me, with me if I will chat with me and they talk, if talk, that lay there motionless. But this time you must do one thing every day, that is to update your space or talk about. Things in the space is not exactly the product promotion class. Never. >

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