To learn from the user’s point of view to promote the site

website promotion for both novice webmaster or have many years of experience of the old webmaster, is a long insisted and not easy thing. As a webmaster probably at any time and place are thinking about how to better promote their website, improve the scope and effectiveness of the promotion. In the promotion, the webmaster continued to accumulate experience, but also found problems. The lack of the biggest problem now facing the promotion is not promotion, whether free promotion or pay promotion, there are many ways, forum posting and signature links, QQ group, bulk mail, soft, spend money on advertising, these are good ways of promotion; more than the promotion of human resources support is insufficient the webmaster do stand is important what some people do, there are also human being small, short to have the appropriate location and then to do so is to make promotion promotion, according to their ability and the size of the site, your site is large, you also have the ability to do some promotion big, you can increase the investment promotion. If your site to do small, then you can choose some low input high return way to promote. Stationmaster net triumphantly believes that the biggest problem facing the current promotion promotion effect, many owners can use the way of promotion is also used, investment is also high, but the effect is inferior by comparison, sometimes even counterproductive to site reputation flow down, what is the cause of poor promotion, the following analysis.

pay attention to the characteristics of all things, according to their actual situation to make characteristics. Website promotion is in the same way, not to follow suit, ". See other people’s promotion has been effective, then follow suit. Website promotion should first clear their website positioning and development plan, and then according to the actual situation to develop the way and specific implementation details. Blindly follow the choice of the promotion is not suitable for their own nature can not receive results. In addition, the owners want to understand the purpose of the promotion is not only to get traffic and allow users to click on the ads on the page, the promotion also played a role in shaping the image of the brand image and product marketing and other functions. If only pay attention to traffic and ad clicks, it is only in the primary stage of promotion, to improve the site’s promotion to a higher level, can not get a good reputation and brand image, the emphasis is now on brand marketing, users but also fancy your image of mouth, only pay attention to the natural flow, no good the effect of.

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, webmaster in the promotion is often how to generalize to consider from the perspective of their own, did not realize that the site is facing the user, regardless of the user experience is good, the content of the website or search engine optimization and site or location, are from the user’s perspective, consider the needs of users. Website promotion is so. Only from the user’s point of view to think about how to promote, in order to clear the user can accept what kind of promotion, from which way the highest probability of the site, etc.. From the user’s point of view, we need to pay attention to two aspects. One is to consider the needs of users in the promotion, the user needs to do promotion. For example, you want to post in the Forum

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