Liu Wenzhi good product manager to win the 8 recruit interview

when you smug, finally received interview notice when the product manager, you’re really ready for


is a lack of confidence in you, before the interviewer to resume back out stiffly? Or talk, talk about feelings without landing


100 & good school founder and CEO Liu Wenzhi, according to the successful culture of more than 8000 products of talent experience, teach you how to easily through numerous tests. You will find that, originally, the interview is a product, the interview can be so simple and efficient.

a teacher Liu Wenzhi Khan Academy and founder of Salman Khan in the U.S. online education ASU-GSV


share wisdom education insights and personnel training experience.

a self introduction how to have a bright spot, and highlight the Internet thinking?

first of all, to understand the background of this company, including the environment, the company’s revenue, stage, and founder of the competitors, as well as the specific product business model, user habits, they need to do homework in advance. To understand the above situation, targeted to refine their own ideas, not the so-called enemy battle Die.

at the same time, through the above study, you can also see the product itself, or improve the direction of the problem. The reason why companies want to recruit you, is to let you solve the problem. When you analyze the status quo, find the problem, and in the interview when it is well expressed, just in line with the employer’s mind.

how to highlight the Internet thinking? I recommend reading "lean entrepreneurship" and Zhou Hongyi’s "Internet methodology". Read these two books, combined with the relevant interview data of the company’s products, basically can put forward some methods and ideas down to earth.

two, HR value of the points and what is the difference between the department leader


a new product interview process, divided into three major links. The first is to look at the overall quality, the second is to look at special skills, and the third is the boss interview. In fact, the most important thing is the first two links, the last link is only qualitative issues. In the first two links HR look at your overall quality, including personality, communication, expression, stability, career planning, etc..

department leaders to see what he also depends on communication and expression, comprehensive quality, but he is 80% to see your special skills. What he cares about is whether you can do the work well after you enter the post. The second is that you can integrate into the team well. The third is to see if you are missing the team. Maybe you are excellent, the interview is also very good, but in the end did not pass, what is the reason? It may be your type, not the team is missing.

three, in general, the company has no experience of the new product what are the hard and soft requirements?


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