Opportunities for the nternet promotion of website construction

last 2006 is another network with Internet integration of the peak peak. In the development of the Internet in China, China’s national conditions and Chinese characteristics, especially the network without borders, business conditions. YAHOO China sold to Alibaba, eBay eBay and TOM cooperation, AOL chose to cooperate with domestic companies in China, and some even predicted that MSN and GOOGLE will also strengthen cooperation with Chinese enterprises in full.

some of these multinational companies are much stronger than our talents and financial resources, but they can not do in China, why? They are not able to consider and deal with things in accordance with China’s national conditions, not entirely in accordance with China’s laws and regulations to deal with things, can not meet the needs of Chinese Internet users as the only standard. This also gives us a great opportunity for development.

Beijing Shuzhiao network alliance in Chinese Internet hot spring, steady progress. According to the actual demand of Chinese enterprises, institutions, government departments, schools, associations, hospitals and other units currently used for many years to investigate the market demand, network planning platform, developed the third generation intelligent system with the international advanced level, for the majority of enterprises to provide efficient, stable and scalable personalized website platform, large capacity, greatly facilitates the informatization construction of enterprises, promote enterprise informatization pace.

a full range of interactive network communication platform

1 is currently available on the market most of the network products, generally only the construction of virtual static pages or a simple press release, does not meet the enterprise need long-term mutual communication, regular upgrading; especially when the web browser is easy to cause system crashes, increasing the amount of data loss, the e-government and e-commerce on the China cause a potential threat to great


2 Shuzhiao network alliance is committed to providing the world’s leading technology and products for the industry, after 6 years of independent research and development, operation China leading global first-class interactive network communication platform, through the use of concurrent data access, dynamic page trigger technology and parallel processing technology, greatly improve the design level of the whole network interactive communication the platform and the bearing capacity, with high speed and low consumption of resources, support multi server interaction, super site content and tens of thousands of tens of thousands of people online when you can guarantee the speed and stability of the system;

3 Shuzhiao in the professional league for all enterprises and institutions of planning and design of interactive network communication platform for a comprehensive solution, including platform design, online publishing management, e-commerce, instant messaging, SMS, online office website, virtual community. The group network platform from the very simple to the construction site similar to Sina Sohu portal properties, but also can be used as a standard application platform for enterprise network paperless office, internal communication, can at the right cost and satisfactory service to meet the needs of all enterprises.
> and instantly create enterprise information level

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