Discussion on the popularization of local site navigation station

because I am engaged in the computer industry for many years engaged in Internet cafes, maintenance work is almost the last two years, also had the site navigation station, so here I talk about some rough experience to promote local web site navigation.

local navigation station is a combination of traditional web and column, combined with local characteristics of the network, or no local navigation station. Since the local navigation station has the above two characteristics, then we should also do the promotion of these two characteristics.

in the traditional point of view of the web site, we can do nothing more than the promotion of traditional methods. Can be summarized as the following two methods:

1 add the site Links, increase GG, Baidu and

included the PR value;

2 using QQ, post bar, forums, such as faster dissemination of tools to do promotion;

for local navigation station, in the promotion of the local network, is the most important. According to my previous experience, I feel that the promotion of local navigation station can be started from the following points:

1 and Internet cafes maintenance team, find a local Internet cafes maintenance team or internet network, or to spend money to buy what other forms of cooperation, their home terminals are set to your navigation station. As for the cost of the purchase of Internet cafes IE home page, then I can not say that this has to be based on the level of local consumption.

2 and computer companies, you can on your website to help computer company to do publicity, or provide free advertising, require a computer company to help you in their computer equipment on the navigation station homepage.

3 cooperation with the local site, the two sides to provide free advertising to the other side of the site to do publicity, do local promotion can also work together, so you can save a lot of cost, and the effect is good.

above is only my personal opinion, bad place, please forgive me, thank you!

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