Domestic domain name registrar Top3 dynamic China data 4 92% ranked third


IDC China review network reported on December 18th: according to the latest statistics agency released data show that as of December 10, 2012, the total amount of China million net domain name has reached 1273689, the highest in the domestic market at the top of the domain name. 35 interconnected and Chinese data ranked two or three, the total number of domain names were 312729, 277732.


(Figure 1), and 35 Internet trend China million net total domain curve

as shown in Figure 1, in early December, in the other two nets always way ahead of total domain registrar, slightly higher. The 35 interconnection and data competition is more intense, the gap is not obvious. Both domain names are flat.

the following specific trends we specifically analysts three domain name registrar.

1, Chinese nets


table 1

are shown in Table 1, in early December, million net increment increased the domain name, domain name volume grew from 1257754 to 1273689, 15935 new domain name. In the global domain name market, the trend is good. In the domestic domain name market, the share is also on the rise.

2, 35 interconnected


table 2

as shown in Table 2, in early December, 35 Internet domain names are now negative growth, net reduction of the domain name of 410. In the global domain name market, the share of small drop. In China, the share continued to decline.

3, Chinese data


table 3

as shown in Table 3, in early December, China data domain name also showed negative growth, net minus 3458 domain names. In the global domain name market, a slight decline in share. In China, the share has continued to decline.

above the latest data, in the domestic domain market, all occupy the dominant position in early December, the share rose, and the total domain in the global domain name market increasing, the trend is good. The ranking of the 35 subsequent interconnection and Chinese data, the share is relatively low, the total number of domain names showed a small decline trend.

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