The value of the site to the user’s online standards

      Sohu IT blog salon fourteenth theme website advertising value evaluation standard to users online time, participants: Zhang Dongwei, BINGSHU, man consulting co founder and CTO Zhang Youming, Su Yi, Yang Fan and Yang Xun cnBeta, Chinese science and Technology Press Institute Zhai snow, Beijing SAST PR company Zheng Weiwei, the Sohu Liu Xinzhi and Zhang Wenqiang

      the topic of discussion in the upcoming conference is Sohu Sohu on the eve of the 3, in this context, delegates from each industry of search engine from the input to the network, from the video to SNS, from Web2.0 to 3 Sohu, on site advertising value evaluation criteria are discussed. The text can not record all the wonderful talks, the guests of the main points are summarized as follows:

      Sohu 3 will allow users to extend the length of online

      Liu Xinzhi: the value of the site by the user to judge the standard PV online long, Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang has been proposed last year, and now the focus of the launch of Sohu 3 Sohu, is to adapt to this change. Sohu 3 with the blog as a platform, through the Sohu pass, all the products of the Sohu together. From the product, Sohu has blog, community, podcasts and so on, from the content, the content of Sohu is not just text, as well as pictures, videos, etc.. After the launch of Sohu 3, users can enjoy the services and products on the Sohu website will be much more than in the past, its online longer than ever in the long.

      sail: I think the 3 Sohu is the essence of the blog for the center, providing services and products for users.

      Su Yi: the value of advertising standards change with demand

      Chinese advertisers have three main purposes: to do for consumers to see, do to the dealer to see, do to the boss.

      can be seen from the development of human beings, all the development of technology is to make people change " lazy ". Insist on a certain opportunity, whether it is an advantage of the web site or click on the dominant site.

      1, advertising to quickly interpret the value of the product and brand, to a certain extent, the company’s brand or product can be extended to the customer base, while fighting against competitors;

      2, click through rate will not decide everything, also won’t be the only standard that advertiser chooses to put advertisement;


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