After attending the meeting of the general assembly in Anhui and some of the details of the meeting

to participate in the general assembly in Anhui, found a lot of small details. Several webmaster circles head gathered to listen to the wonderful speech, also have feelings.

the Internet is no longer a personal heroism in the struggle. The "gateway" has been gradually formed a concept, and the entire personal webmaster has to catch up to. Market segmentation has become a new Internet mainstream topic, also let a group of dedicated stationmaster dug the first pot of gold. Webmaster to survive in the Internet also need to add a new knowledge – marketing.

network localization, market segmentation, the combination of online and offline become a group of entrepreneurs want to start a new idea in the internet. At the same time to grasp the needs of users, according to the user group’s online habits and deepen their service depth has also become a standard to produce a better site. The service of the website, the convenience of the website, the audience of the website, the profitability of the website, the timeliness of the website decides the destiny of your website and survival time directly.

local network market will set off a frenzy in the network, also will be the next Denver Internet era, because most of the local industry network market is still blank, early start as early as pre made status.

cooperation will become a new bright spot in the Internet surfaced, expand cooperation and cooperation ideas combined with their own route, open up new ideas for the integration and promotion of organic. "It mountain of stone, jade" is the truth.

Internet is really no real winter and spring, it is a group of unique talents, hard-working spirit, persistent power, vigorous passion, and careful and detailed.

conference details and anecdotes:


few big Adsense clients, but privately they are very friendly, we meet old friends as a joke, and graph king fish is "the same bed lie" (Internet access), while GJJ joked: "graph king belly is big"


little during the conference we were not exclamation: talk with eloquence, want to do a good job in the Internet must first learn to speak.


, GJJ and a woman sitting next to talk very speculative, I will not lose matters as they captured a two people eat banana face opposite side photos.

while the fish was also in the General Assembly will be a gift to the audience of an unidentified beauty. This inconvenience above, from criticism.

it is worth mentioning that this month I have had a high wealth was said to me, in this will come true, I was lucky draw prize of the conference.

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