Small sites shut down the storm survey across the board so that the owners panic

if not for the cable, millions of PV value (page views) will disappear — this is a person in charge Chen Hui (a pseudonym) recently the pain of cutting one’s body.

at the beginning of December, the website has been claiming that he suddenly found himself unable to log on to the website. The thought was a temporary failure, but it is the hosting server IDC (Internet Data Center, the Internet data center, that is, the place where the hosting server) computer room directly pulled out his cable.

we do not have pornographic content, did not expect such a situation." He told reporters. However, he did not know, this network nationwide campaign is not limited to pornography, but check for all sites.

in fact, since November, the national anti pornography movement spread across the web site, a called "across the board" regulation for many small webmaster into a panic.

so-called across the board refers to some provinces and cities in order to troubleshoot the IDC room for the site, all of the broken network inventory, to determine the problem and then re on-line.

exactly how many websites in the network rectification storm was shut down, there is no official authority from the statistics. At present, the number of sites at about 300 above, many industry insiders estimate that after the storm, was shut down can not be opened there will be about 10 more than ten thousand, and the greater part will affect the flow by innocent.

When the

was shut down by the site to return line is still uncertain, and this uncertainty makes personal website owners anxious and fearful, downhearted.

Webmaster: a panic

"we have more than and 30 provinces and cities of the webmaster QQ group, recently every day people reflect their web site suddenly can’t visit." China Station editor Qiu Song told reporters.

according to the reporter, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places have begun a wide range of inventory across the board, and many regular sites have been shut down innocent. For example, some sites are not illegal content, just because advertisers put ads have adult content, or domain name and some exposure of illegal websites similar." Qiu Song said.

"our web site server is in Guangdong, temporarily not affected." Qiu Song said, "but every day he was very careful, cautious."

a large forum recently launched a number of needles for the investigation of the owners, one of which is the domestic IDC room. As of December 23rd, the show has been closed room has more than 60, covering the Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Beijing, Henan, Hebei and other provinces and cities in 18 provinces and cities.

another survey is about the number of servers being closed, that is, please fill in the number of owners have their own server was sealed. The reporter saw that in the 1246 effective >

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