25 the history of the most expensive domain name cybersquatting if you already made

according to foreign domain name service website DN Journal data show that there are more than 500 domain names to buy and sell prices have reached more than $1 million. The reason is that pornography and gambling domain names have been the highest priced domain name field. In this regard, the United States well-known technology media "business insider" days ago according to DN Journal data for us to sort out the history of the highest amount of transactions 25 domain name".

1, MM.com

price: $1 million 200 thousand

date of sale: July 2014

MM.com in July 2014 through the Sedo dealer network domain name at a price of $1 million 200 thousand was CN (Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co., Ltd, CN is 1629th of the world’s top level domain ICANN certification by the Registrar, Chinese, forty-second top-level domain registrar) successfully photographed, and the site also held many other well-known domain name.

2, eBet.com

price: $1 million 350 thousand

date of sale: October 2013

a "Rick" (Rick) of the men in the eBet.com domain name registered in early 1996, and until last October agreed to sell it.

3, Cameras.com

price: $1 million 500 thousand

date of sale: 2006

Cameras.com has created the highest selling price of the real estate auction platform Moniker.com. According to DN Journal revealed, held at the Moniker.com online domain name auction, the bid winner Cameras.com Parked.com CEO Solares (Sig Solares) belongs to the fastest speed to pay $1 million 500 thousand acquisition fee.

4, Russia.com

price: $1 million 500 thousand

date of sale: 2009

Sedo.com completed the domain name transaction in 2009, the seller is located in Seattle Paley Media company.

5, Tandberg.com

price: $1 million 500 thousand

date of sale: 2007

DN Journal, after the completion of the transaction, wrote: "Teng Bao data (Tandberg.com) as the world’s leading backup and archiving solutions provider and manufacturer

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